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Professional Pressure Cleaning
Professional Pressure Cleaning
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About Me Increase the value of your home or business with our professional pressure washing services! Proudly serving the Frisco, Prosper, Mckinney and surrounding areas. Call us for your free professional pressure cleaning: quote today! Increase the value of your home or business with our professional pressure cleaning pressure washing services! Proudly serving the Frisco, Prosper,, Mckinney and surrounding areas. Call us for your free quote today! Your fence was bright and beautiful when it was installed, but now it's gray, grimy, and covered with mildew. Constant exposure to the elements turns wood gray, but you don't need to accept it as a regular part of your fence's aging. Pressure cleaning works to carefully strip away the old exterior layer of the wood to reveal bright, natural wood underneath. Wood fence cleaning with pressure washing services is an affordable form of preventative maintenance that makes your fence look like new and your home more inviting.

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Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Certified maids show-up to clean your place thoroughly Check Maid has brought the maid service industry up to speed. And we did it for you! At, Maids in a Minute, we offer our customers a thorough home cleaning experience thanks to our extensive checklist and professional team of cleaners. While our, services are divided into different packages, you can also add several additional services to better suit your needs, and we are happy to follow your special instructions such as using certain types of products or leaving alone different areas around the house. Below are the general descriptions of our services. Let us show you what we got! When you hire a cleaning service for regularly scheduled housekeeping, you want to know that you are getting the same top-notch job every time. Our team cleaning process is simple. Each of our maids has a specific maid service to perform each time he or she visits your home, including:

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Weekly and bi-weekly visits are not only more cost effective, they're also healthier. A routine cleaning of your home reduces allergens, bacteria, and other health concerns for your family. A weekly visit can save $5 to $10 per visit on, maid services for cleaning, not including what you'll save if you don't have to buy your own cleaning products. Cleaning is important any time of the month or year, not just at certain times. Year round cleaning prevents allergies, illnesses, and upper respiratory problems. Physical and emotional problems keep some residents too busy to clean. They find it difficult to perform the basic household necessities such as mopping, sanitizing, dusting, and vacuuming. Our maids are experienced in both basic and deep cleaning.



professional pressure cleaning
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